Good morning! ☀️I had some thoughts I wanted to share this morning…

Have a read!

It can be hard to part ways with habits or people we grow attached to, even if they simply don’t align with our dreams and goals. The process to release the things or people who doesn’t serve us can be painful 😣and sometimes triggers us (myself, included!) to revert back to that place of comfort.

Friends, those growing pains are normal markers of your growth and progress. In my own experience, resisting change is more painful in the long term than the short term pains of change itself. So, if you find yourself in a season of change, I encourage you to embrace all it brings! Enjoy the process of getting uncomfortable and feel the emotions that come up along the way. 

When I go through these seasons, I become stronger and more aware of myself. I really fall back on my core values to navigate change and feel confident in the discomfort. My experience as a new entrepreneur is a perfect example of it and has only deepened my awareness of myself and who I’m becoming. 

I pray you be empowered, even when you feel uncomfortable. I pray you develop a deeper sense of self and find ways to be positive and practice gratitude, even during these difficult, growth-filled seasons! Keep being you and, whatever you do, take care of yourselves.

Happy weekend! 

God bless,


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