New Inspirations

I feel a shift in my perspective since having embarked on this journey as an entrepreneur. I found other entrepreneurs, mostly women, who really really inspire me. I actually had no idea how many people I KNOW are also on this journey. Of course, we’re each doing our own work, but it’s really exciting to be able to relate to others and find inspiration in the work they’re doing.

Let’s talk about these candles.

If you’re thinking of starting your own business or in the weeds of it all, check out the BossBabe podcast. It’s been really helpful and very inspiring for me as I continue to learn the ins/outs of starting a business and creating my own brand. I listened to an episode with Farah Merhi, an entrepreneur who started her own home decor company #InspireMeHomeDecor. Click here to get a little more insight into her journey, which is beyond inspiring (in my opinion!). Her perspective opened up my heart and mind to a new appreciation of home decor.

Forgive me if you’re already on this home decor wave… it was never my thing.

She recommends adding candles and flowers to your home as a way to create your desired vibe or, what I consider, my own version of cozy. Again, I didn’t grow up with this mindset or even an interest in this type of stuff. Now that I’m a homeowner, a wife, a mom and woman building a business (primarily run out of my home), I want to create a really great atmosphere at home for myself and my family. I feel more motivated when things are aesthetically pleasing to me and Farah definitely helped me think about doing this is in a practical, but really personal way.

Enter Live in Joy Candle Company

I started thinking about the scents and colors I feel motivated and inspired by. I honestly had a hard time narrowing down what I liked because my own virtual vision board (Instagram) was somewhat of a hot mess; it was too busy, too many colors, no real organization. So, I started a new Instagram account (be sure to follow me! @mrsdiazcastro) and things suddenly clicking for me. I started following accounts that inspired me, not just in my career in fitness, but also in my home life. I stumbled upon the personal account of one of my sorority sisters and old friends, Suzette Manchester (formerly Suzette Diaz — hayyyyy, same maiden last name!) and saw she started HER own company, specializing in candles.


I’m all about supporting the people in my life and was overwhelmed with excitement when I saw her candle designs on Etsy were 100% aligned with the colors and themes I was attracted to on Instagram and Pinterest. So I placed an order and I’m SO excited to receive them! Check them out:

So, on #SmallBusinessSaturday, I encourage you to check out the very talented and always fabulous Suzette by following her Instagram account: @liveinjoycandleco and her Etsy store by clicking here. I’ll share some more images once I have my new candles and I’ll definitely share more about the ways I’m using simple, but effective ideas to spruce up my home and my future office.

By the way…

I created an online space for women who want to be more active, develop sustainable eating habits and crush their goals in SIMPLE ways that require less time and mental energy. If you’re interested, click here! We launch January 2020, but are reserving a few spots for early access clients. I’d love to work with you and use my own talents and passions to help inspire, motivate, guide and support you in Your Pursuit of Fitness.

Have a fantastic weekend! Stay positive, find that silver lining and give each day your best. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so make the most of today!

God bless you, your families and your future. Let me know how I can pray for you!


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