Hi! I didn’t even realize my last post was in September of 2018. WOW.

Lately, I’m particular about the punctuation I choose. I really want readers (of anything written by me, i.e. text messages, emails, social media posts, etc.) to receive my message as close to my intended delivery as possible.

NEWS FLASH: Life doesn’t work that way, E.

Does anyone else do that? I do it ALL the time. It’s the primary reason I use so many words. I realized others don’t always care for all the words by engaging in LOTS of fun conversations with my husband. (Love you, babes!)

This isn’t what I planned to write about today, I promise.

I’m 31 today and I’m excited for all life is bringing my way. I’m currently on a FaceTime call with my mom. She doesn’t know I’m blogging; she’s playing FaceTime peek-a-boo with Angie, who’s being a silly bear despite having a two-day fever. #warrior

Now, the real reason I opted to blog

This is the third time I retype this sentence. LOL! I’m just trying to find words. OK. I was just thinking about what I’m passionate about and how my passions deepened after having Angie. I think it’s because I had to learn to prioritize differently with a baby in the family and choosing what to focus on meant being honest with myself about what I love versus don’t. My loves include being with my family/friends, coffee, starting our business, fitness and learning. I had to rewrite that sentence because I listed coffee first. HA!


OK, I had to be honest with myself about my career. So many doors closed on me in the last few years and I already knew why. Each time I was rejected from a position, I walked away knowing I needed to start a business. I was afraid and didn’t want to muster up the energy (and time AND money!) to learn and take the necessary risks. I had the support, just not the faith. For years, I prayed about my career and asked God to direct my steps. In the last three years, I applied for 5 supervisor positions, 1 lateral position, a position completely new company (I even received an offer), but each door ultimately closed. I wouldn’t say I was discouraged, but I can say, with confidence, I was frustrated.

Direct my steps, Lord.

I prayed that daily and still do. When the last job fell through, I laughed it off and threw myself into helping my business grow and thrive. I prayed for direction and inspiration, as well as motivation and courage. Each time I prayed, I recalled all the steps leading up to this point. JEEZ, there were so many. At 30, I finally got to the point where I actually KNEW what career path I wanted to take and create.


Last year, I offered coaching 100% free and I worked with a lot of people, averaging 3-4 one-on-one clients per month. I balanced that with life as a wife and new mom; add in being an active (fitness = play time) adult working full-time in corporate America. I learned a lot and the most empowering take-away was, I knew this was something I wanted to do ALL the time.

CastroStrong LLC

I’m working on a lot of projects, some of which many of you have sent me messages of encouragement, support and congratulations on. THANK YOU. I want my daughter to look at my life and know anything is possible, not because I wrote social media or blog posts with the phrase or discussing the topic, but because she learned from my example. With God’s help and by His grace, the impossible is possible; I pray God use me to show her that. I couldn’t continue ignoring the very clear message from God to follow the path of creating something unique and exciting; something I could leave my mark with, all while affording to provide for our family and our future. That’s really special to me and, I couldn’t have thought of up alone. I pray, by His grace, He help me see through His will for our business and personal endeavors.

How are you elevating Him?” – R. Spencer

For me, that question is grounding. It helps me focus on the WHY. Ashley Horner really drills this in all her #TransformYouChallenge messages. God is my why. I totally respect others who don’t agree or see life the same way. I welcome differences in opinion and belief. I know and love who I am and how I’m choosing to live my life. I hope, at the end of my life, those reminiscing can look back and remember my heart; it’s a heart for Jesus.

Thanks for tuning in. There are a few projects in the works, including #MamaStrongbyCastroStrong and the #StrongerThanYouThinkPodcast. Other daily and weekly content is available, for frizzle (free!), on our Instagram… follow @castrostrong_ for the #CastroStrongWOD (work of the day!) and #CastroStrongEats (recipes you can prepare and serve in 30 minutes or less!). Head over to learn more about MamaStrong by CastroStrong and one-on-one coaching!

Hey, if you need prayer, drop a message in the contact box. You don’t even need to put your real information, just let me know how I can pray for you and it’s a done deal.

Have a great week! God bless!

2 thoughts on “Growth

  1. Jonathan Castro July 10, 2019 — 1:23 AM

    So DOPE! Love this and proud of this post!


  2. Teach me how to live, o lord. Lead me along the right path… Psalm 27:11

    Make my paths straight…


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