Too Late for the 3rd Quarter?


I thought about writing an update a while back and then the baby distracted me. LOL! This mom thing has been so fun. Sure, there are nights when I don’t get the best sleep. Sure, there are also days when I’m totally winging it.

Everyday…winging it?…that’s everyday.

I think the most important thing to share about the third quarter was that I was present. Change is constant and, sometimes, it requires your complete and undivided attention. Being a woman with goals, a wife to a man with goals, a mom to a baby with goals (believe it or not! this girl is determined!), a friend to others, a daughter to my parents, a sister to my brother, a cousin to my cousins…you get the idea, right? The point is, we all wear a bucket load of hats and each hat requires something different and sometimes pulls you in different directions. That said, it was a growth-filled third quarter and I needed to disconnect a little more.

What changed?

I got back into a training routine that was much more consistent and, gradually, increased in intensity. I also went back to work at my full-time job, which automatically resulted in our little one beginning daycare. I traveled a bit (think: six hour flight with the world’s most amazing and wondrous baby). My inbox grew busy with new inquiries regarding coaching after sharing some of the progress other clients made. I waited until very recently to begin taking on new clients again.  I learned [via a PET scan] my body is slowly, but surely, healing from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I turned thirty. I began taking 10 minute walks after my meals in place of doing long bouts of steady state cardio. I also began a leg trainer named “Monolith,” authored by one of my all-time fitness role models and overall life mentors, Ashley Horner. My legs became much more shapely and my fitness improved vastly. I ran for the first time since becoming a mom. My mile time consistently hovered around the 8-minute mile pace. I signed up for my first 5K run in YEARS. I took some chances on my business and learned some really valuable lessons. I began Brianna Battles Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism course. I also enrolled in a social media tutorial course for budding online-business owners. I realized what direction Frwdmvmnt is headed and created a timeline to get a few key things handled.

Some things overlapped, while others happened as a result of other things.

The wondrous part of it all is that I survived. More than that, I enjoyed it all! I tried (and continue to try) not to get ahead of myself and focused on each day. I experienced less anxiety and stress; they have yet to completely disappear, but I think that allows for a healthy balance of emotions and drives accountability in all things I do (and don’t do). I adapted. I learned. I grew.

Life is good, if you let it be. It doesn’t have to be rainbows and butterflies all the time for it to be good. I truly believe that, even in hard times, we have the choice to experience joy. Making that choice does something for you and in you. It changes you and that change allows you to reach new levels. Maybe you haven’t accomplished all the things (or any of the things…no judgment from me!) you set out to accomplish this year. Guess what? THAT IS OKAY because, if you wake up tomorrow, you have another chance to make something happen. Start walking in the direction of those goals you have; whether it’s a spiritual goal, a physical goal, a career goal, a bucket-list goal, a family-related goal, a health goal or ANY goal. Nothing is off limits if you don’t allow it to be; let that be true for you and all you are passionate about. Be kind to yourself, but be accountable to YOURSELF. You can do it! Remember that I am offering free coaching until December 31, 2018! If you need some help, drop me a note and let’s talk about if and how I can support you.

I hope the next (and last) quarter of 2018 is even BETTER than the last. May you grow and prosper and CHOOSE to be happy.

— E

1 thought on “Too Late for the 3rd Quarter?

  1. Wow!! I really enjoyed this article!
    1. Makes me extremely happy how God has worked through you and through your journey on others and how He is doing His miracle in your life!
    2. I really like the last part, specially when things do go so well or the way we planned our lives to be!

    Thanks for sharing!


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