Self-renewal: Momentum Milestones

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope everyone had a productive week and is seeing the fruits of their daily labor in even the smallest of ways.

always look for reasons to be grateful

I just wanted to pick up where I left off last week when talking about remaining consistent and keeping up the momentum when pursuing a dream. This post won’t be too long, as I only intend to hit on one major theme: milestones.

What do I mean by milestones in this case?

I googled the definition of milestone and the following popped up: 1. a stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place, and 2. an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. BOTH hit the nail on the head in relation to this post! How many times have you set a long-term goal and gotten lost in the process of getting there? Whether you lost sight of the overall goal, just gave up because of that feeling that it was so big you couldn’t succeed, or life got in the way and circumstances prevented you from continuing to pursue it, YOU ARE STILL CAPABLE of getting to the goal. There may be some delays or relays you run again, but your goals can be attained, even when they seem impossibly far or too big.

I promise I’m not just being super positive…

Last year, I just became so tired of a victim of the mentality that I didn’t have the power to change my circumstances because of all my other circumstances. I had big dreams; some financial, some body/weight-related, some family focused. I didn’t even share them with anyone because, in my head, they sounded ridiculous. I kept them to myself and wrote them down, prayed about it and just believed for direction. The ideas started popping up; smaller (time-bound) goals that, over time, would lead me to the big goals that seemed almost impossible to achieve.


I set realistic goals, typically set out in 4-week increments, that I would work toward. I checked in with myself weekly and was honest with myself about where I was and what I was doing (or not) to get there. There were a lot….I MEAN A LOT… of times when I completely failed myself. I failed to put in the work; discipline and consistency were hard when my stress-levels were high because of all the curveballs life threw me and I used those excuses as crutches to defend myself against my failures. Ultimately, I was in control of what I was choosing to put my energy toward and whether or not I allowed emotions to influence my commitment to those goals.

What ended up happening?

Over time, my mental health improved and my emotional health also made great strides. I dropped the excuses (back injury, cancer, fatigue, etc) and lost the twenty pounds I wanted to lose for the two years leading up to that point. My family life got a lot smoother because I felt better about myself and was focusing on making progress versus bombarding my support system with complaints about how frustrated I was with x, y and z. I also started seeing growth in my career and felt way more confident at work. With respect to my financial situation, I learned [last week] that my credit score improved significantly and I’ve been able to contribute more to my savings, while still managing my debt from a healthier financial state.

Be accountable.

Ultimately, we make decisions and those decisions direct our paths. I could have continued to cycle of self-loathing, digging myself deeper into depression and becoming more of a mental and emotional burden on those around me. It’s important to note that I got help when I needed it. I swallowed my pride, identified my poor habits, committed to change and sought help from people who could serve as an additional resource to my growth in order to truly facilitate the change I was seeking. I had to set weekly, sometimes DAILY goals, in order to be able to create change and see the fruits of my labor. I was discouraged some days, but I kept track of where I was and how far from that weekly or daily goal I was; this helped me to get back on track and meet that next goal versus focusing on the huge goal I was using the small goals to work toward.

You can and will see change if you commit to it. I tend to get overwhelmed by what I perceive to be “too big,” which leads to discouragement and, sometimes, quitting before even starting. I know I’m not alone! If this sounds like you, don’t be too proud to chunk down your dreams. Set that huge goal, but break it down into smaller goals so you can get there over time. If you need help, I’d love to work with you! Free coaching in February is officially full, but I’ll be accepting new clients in March, free of charge under the #frwdmvmnt365pilot. ALL COACHING IN 2018 IS FREE, so take advantage and work on your own breakthrough with me by your side. If that isn’t something that interests you, no worries! Keep working hard on those roadblocks and commit to the growth you desire. I’ll continue to post tips and share my own testimonies, so stay tuned!

Have a great week!

— E

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