Self-renewal: Building Habits

Happy Sunday, folks! We’re two weeks into 2018 and I’m wondering how everyone is doing with their “resolutions” or whatever you may have labeled your resolve for change.

Drop me a message…

In my own journey, I’ve remained consistent in developing prayer habits, nutrition/exercise protocol and daily routines that [realistically] fit my desired lifestyle, current schedule and goals. I didn’t make drastic changes to what I was doing before. I’ve simply built on the already consistent habits I adopted for my current lifestyle and implemented minor changes with the intention of seeing steady growth in particular areas of my life.

You can do the same thing!

My intention these days is to help others do that, while still maintaining a balanced lifestyle and continue taking care of myself in the process. I received several inquiries from people yearning for changes in their training, nutrition and overall well-being. I’m excited to work with a few of them this month and grow with them in order to achieve breakthroughs in their desired areas of life!


I just wanted to send a note out to encourage others who are not working with me in a coach/client setting to really consider what you DESIRE; write it down and make a promise to yourself to change one, small part of your day so that you can reach that goal. Remember, goals have timelines attached to them; otherwise, your desire is just a wish.

What holds you back?

I spoke to a few people who expressed concerns about time bound goals. I learned that those concerns stem from the fear of failure. In some cases, I observed that pre-existing struggles with anxiety and/or depression were what led to the feeling of “added pressure” after that person actually considered setting a deadline for their goal. As a person who has dealt with and overcome anxiety and depression, I understand that the concept of having a deadline can be stressful.

You’re not alone…

One of most important and powerful lessons I’ve learned throughout my journey is that, deadline or no deadline, remaining in the very place I want to leave hurts my mental and emotional health more than taking steps to move forward. I don’t like failing; I’m a perfectionist and become obsessive with projects and to-do’s I assign to myself. However, failure is inevitable and this is an indisputable fact. I have only ever grown after failing; after learning that what I thought would work simply wasn’t working. I’ve also learned that goals motivate me to, at least, get started. In the times I failed to assign a deadline or time bound goal to my wishes, those wishes remained wishes; forgotten dreams. That, alone, is failure. I find it a lot more rewarding to TRY to make something happen and fail to meet the deadline than to wish I would have started, but chose to remain in the same place a month or year later.

It’s never too late to start!

Everyone has a starting point when they are setting out to pursue a dream or make a change of some sort. Even the professionals began as novices. Don’t wait to do the things you want to do or become the person you truly want to be. If you need some help sorting through your thoughts and turning your dreams into goals, I’ll be taking new clients in February, FREE OF CHARGE, as part of the #frwdmvmnt365pilot.

You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to. If you’re reading this, you probably live in a first world country, have access to internet and a phone or computer, have some free time and an open mind. In my book, you have everything you need to START doing something different. Use your free time more wisely, write down a goal (just ONE, if that’s all you can realistically set out to achieve), brainstorm with someone or use the internet to figure out how you can get started on achieving that goal and pick a date you want to complete step ONE by. It may be scary, nerve-wracking, or intimidating, but the good thing is that you don’t need to share this with anyone but yourself. Cheers to breakthroughs!

– E

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