Self-renewal: The Practice

I’m sitting in the bar area of a Whole Foods, drinking a Bulletproof coffee in the company of my husband. Today is a very chill day for us and one we’ve used to rest and recap the year that just passed while using those memories to help us intentionally navigate the path ahead of us.

Happy New Year!

Today is the first day of the BEST year of your life and mine! I truly believe that and I believe it starts with consistent practice of the principles you set out to live your life by. In my last post, I discussed the things I began to incorporate into my regular routine so that I could feel more “myself.” I’ve remained consistent in the incorporation of daily practices, including journaling, reading, listening to podcasts and exercise, and have felt such a difference in my physical, emotional, mental and, most important (for me), my spiritual health. One of the most obvious changes includes sleeping WAY better and without any interruptions throughout the night. I also continue to notice a difference in the way I feel when I start interacting with others, which comes AFTER my morning practice.

Do you have a morning practice?

Before I give myself to the world, I do the following: stretch and maybe get some exercise in, get ready for the day, listen to a couple of podcasts, pray and give thanks for the day ahead, journal, eat a great meal and mentally prepare for the day I want to have. This is what I want my morning to look like every morning and I make sure I carve out the time to make it happen. It may sound like a ton of stuff, but I multi-task…trust me! In total, my morning routine requires anywhere between ninety minutes to two hours. THEN, I get to work and already know how I want to perform, what I need to do and how I want to feel while I do it. When my work day is done, I don’t have a ton left to do in the day because most of what I wanted to do was done in the morning. Depending on the day, I typically set out to get in a good training session in the evening, followed by dinner and some reading or, on my rest days, I set time aside for some studying (for whatever extra learning I’m working on). This has been my daily routine for the last five weeks and I feel a shift in my appreciation of life and for who I am.

Why does this matter?

I learn from others’ examples. I believe that by sharing my own story, someone who felt what I felt can feel inspired and motivated to overcome their struggles. Every single day, we have the opportunity to “start over” and change the reality we live in. When we forget that we possess that quiet strength, we easily relinquish the power of our intention and actions to the idea that “we’re stuck in a cycle;” to notions that we aren’t enough; to negative limiting beliefs (that aren’t true).

What do you tell yourself?

Every person has their own list of priorities and ideologies that help them get through the day. In my journey, my faith is a huge part of why I do what I do, the way I do it. I was in a cycle that resulted in doubt and depression. I stopped doing what I loved, which took away from my quality of life. How can anyone enjoy life if they don’t do what they love? Maybe your career doesn’t look like what you think it “should” look like. Hey, I’ll be the bold one and admit that I’m not in love with what I get paid to do. However, I know that outside of the way I earn a living, I can contribute to a happier me by honoring my passions and interests. I do that by creating time and space for the things I love; activities, practices, habits that bring me peace and joy. The reason I do it all in the morning is to avoid the inevitable “mental exhaustion” that can deflate my bubble of motivation to do things after a long work day.

Put it into practice.

Whatever last year looked like doesn’t matter as much as what you do going forward. I engage with a lot of people and I remember the talk about 2016 was that it was horrible. So many people couldn’t wait for 2017 to be a year of turning things around. Did you get to do all you set out to do? Maybe you did and the momentum of your success is your driving force for 2018. Maybe you didn’t and you want to turn things around. I believe (and have read testimonies from many successful people that support) the idea that change occurs when habits are built and executed on day by day. It can be so hard to get out of a negative mindset, but it is harder to live there for longer than you need to. I say “than you need to” because we are imperfect beings and, at times, benefit from giving in to the negativity our minds create or our emotions stir up, all in order that you can let it go and move on. However, if you don’t let go, you don’t move on. It’s simple.

Join me…

If you’ve read this far, then you must feel connected to it’s substance for some reason; that, or you are just very polite and have some free time. Thanks, either way, for your support! I hope this helped you or contributed to you becoming a better you. I also hope that you continue to grow in a balanced way and honor your true self along the road, shedding the parts of you that no longer serve your purpose and only accepting that which honors your best self.

A year of breakthroughs… #frwdmvmnt365Pilot

I set out to become certified as a Life Coach before I was diagnosed with cancer. I’m still finishing up a lot of projects I allowed to fall by the waste side. While I work on those projects, I am working on creating a network of support and growth that seeks to help others feel happier and more fulfilled. I’m calling it the “frwdmvmnt 365 pilot” and it begins today, free of charge. If you feel stuck, send me a message and let’s figure out what walls you’re struggling to break down. I know, from experience, that the feeling of being “stuck” is temporary, but is nearly impossible to overcome when in seclusion and avoiding the inevitable fears we have to confront. Sometimes, many times, it’s a lot easier to get through something when someone can give you their unbiased opinion. If I don’t know you, I may be the best person to help you figure out your next move. I can’t do the work for you, but I can offer resources and come alongside you as you make change happen.

Make this year your best year and continue building on the momentum of your daily practices! You can do all you set your mind to and you will see change when you remain consistent. Happy 2018, everyone! Cheers to a year of breakthroughs and genuine joy!

– E

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