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What is Frwdmvmnt?

Frwdmvmnt began as a motto that I, Erika Diaz-Castro, used to overcome life’s challenges. It combined and became a play on the words, “forward” and “movement.” I used the phrase as cue to overcome negative thoughts brought on by emotional pain . It became a daily intention and, eventually, a mini (like, itty-bitty) social media movement, earning more than 1,000 uses of it’s self-named hashtag #frwdmvmnt.

Frwdmvmnt is just a quick reminder to keep keeping on, how ever that may look for you. For me, it was about finding and creating my kind of happy.

Erika M Diaz-Castro

Who is Erika?

That’s me. Hi! I’m just a really curious, passionate, driven human who loves God and people. I’m a wife and mama; I love lifting and geeking out on anything fitness, coffee or mental health-related. In the last ten years of my life, I spent my time and resources learning and growing in the fitness and wellness industries, to [eventually] create something special and reflective of my heart. These days, I love Bible study and journaling (quiet time with the Lord is priceless); and enjoy studying Christian theology and apologetics.

In January 2019, I founded CastroStrong LLC, which began as a fitness-focused company with one-on-one coaching services, fitness programs and fitness-focused learning/discussion spaces for mamas and mamas-to-be.

In September 2021, CastroStrong LLC legally became Her Renewed Strength Co. I now focus on pointing women back to God’s Word. I also support Christian women with anxiety by helping them to overcome burnout and overwhelm, so they can use their gifts to boldly serve the Lord.

I also host two podcasts:
1. Her Renewed Strength – The Podcast, a space where I encourage my sisters in Christ to live well, steward well and shift your perspective from the temporal to the eternal, so you can boldly use your gifts to serve the Lord. New episodes release every Tuesday and Friday!
2. Stronger Than You Think Podcast, a safe space for conversations relating to all things mental health. I release a new season [6 episodes] each September during #NationalSuicidePreventionWeek.

What is the purpose of this website?

This website started as an attempt at running an organized business during the #frwdmvmnt365pilot I ran in 2018. (Read more in this January 2018 blog post.) I tried to make this a work space/site to attract and do business while simultaneously sharing about the experience…on the same site. It just didn’t work out that way. This space, naturally, became a place I came to share about the journey and the lessons I picked up along the way.

The purpose is to share my story in a way that is fun and comes natural to me. I love writing; I do my best sharing and connecting when I sit down and just type. This might be a creative space at times and it may be a venting space. Whatever content comes, it will be in the form of a story-time update on my life as a woman who loves Jesus and wears a few more hats, too.

Thanks for visiting. Leave a note in the contact box or subscribe for easy access to future posts!

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